Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Windows XP Home Computer Repair

So you have had your windows xp computer system for several years. You notice it is beginning to get sluggish and to run very slow. You are probably confused when it comes to home computer repair, just like alot of people.

Do not worry though, there are things you can that wont take much time at all to learn. You need to make sure your home computer has a virus program on it. I suggest going and getting the best free virus scanner out there, even better than all of the ones you can pay for and waste your money. That program is called AVG and can be found here.

Install and run that on your windows xp system so that you can be on your way to home computer repair. I also suggest getting a firewall program. A firewall program will help prevent things from happening in the future, so you won't need to run serious Virus scans on your windows xp home computer repair system.

Go over and check out Zone Alarm, it is one of the best free firewall programs out there.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Windows XP Repair

So lets toss out a few random things:
1) Most people use Windows XP
2) Most people do not know how to repair basic problems on their Windows XP Computer

Sounds like a problem to me, what about you? Well I am here to give some basic tips to keep your Windows XP homer computer running smoothly, and to also fix some home computer repair problems that you might be having already.

First lets talk about getting a not so fast computer, moving a little faster with some basic home computer repair techniques. Lets clear out our offline/cookies content.

Tools->Internet Options->Delete Files and then check Delete all offline content

Ok now lets get rid of all those annoying background programs running.

Start->Run->type "msconfig"->Startup Tab->Disable All->Ok and apply->Restart

You might have to re-enable some of those that we disabled, for some programs you have to work correctly, but worry about this later, after your home computer is running faster.

Now lets run a few programs that are both free and do a great home computer repair job by themselves. Let them find some spyware on our computer that would otherwise be very difficult to locate and delete. These programs are called Adaware and Spybot, and can be found at download.com. They are both very strait forward and you can read a previous post of mine for more specific information on each program.

So lets restart our home computer when both are finished running and removing all problems they each have found.

Now I would suggest removing all forms of anti virus programs that you may have. This is including Norton and Mcafee as those programs are inferior compared to very popular and free AVG Antivirus(which can be found at download.com)

Remember, do not ever have two anti virus programs on one home computer, as that will cause major problems. So fully uninstall any that you have in order to install AVG anti virus.

Like any virus program used for home computer repair, lets update it then do a full scan of our computer and let it remove any problems that it finds.

Good luck and stop back for more tips on home computer repair.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Buying A New Computer

So after fixing someones brand new computer today, I have decided to dedicate a full post to buying a new computer and everything related to it.

First, where to buy a new computer? For normal PC users you will want to go with Dell, only because of the warranty factor. Dell offers the best warranty by far, and this is a something that is very important for people not that familiar with computers.

Whatever computer you decided to get, get the largest and longest warranty that they offer, it is worth every penny. Ok, having said that, now you want to buy one of their cheapest if not the cheapest one they have.

Many of you are saying, what? Why? The reason for this is (and I'm not going to elaborate) that for what most users will be using it for (email, word processing, internet use) the least expensive one is far more powerful than what you will need or utilize.

After choosing which computer you would like, your next concern is what software will be included on your new PC. This is very very important and cannot be stressed enough. You want to get Windows XP on the computer.

After you declare what you want as an operating system (which was windows xp) you want to make sure no extra software is installed. The extra software is meant to get more money out of you even after you spend up to $1200 on the computer itself.

This extra software runs on the computer in the background and slows the computer down a lot. The software in almost every case can be downloaded for free from the provider who developed it. Things like America Online, Norton Anti Virus, Mcafee Anti Virus, and Webroot Spysweeper are among the most common and bad for your computer.

Later on I will get into why Norton and Mcafee are not good for your computer. But until then have fun with your new computer and remember, when you order it, keep those extra programs off :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Adaware Review

This is all about my Adaware Review. Adaware is a program that you cannot do without. It is a free program that everyone can use and I will show you were to get in very soon.

This adaware review will tell you how adaware will help your computer. We are going to talk about how it keeps those annoying spyware programs and poppups off your computer.

Adaware is a program we run in a normal Windows XP invironment and can run on any x86 windows based machine. The program actually searches your whole hard drive for files and registry values that it deems as Adaware. Again this is an adaware review, so we are not going to go into the company who brings us it, but they are Lavasoft Inc.

Ok where were we, Our Adaware Review. So it searches for malicious files that are usually on your computer to slow it down and also to sell you other products. Adaware searches and locates these files and then it asks you at the end if you would like to remove them, which I always do.

Adaware separates itself from other programs in how often it is updated, the team at lavasoft does a great job to bring us the personal version of the program for free. They even offer a professional version or Adaware review for those of us who use our PC for more business type purposes and need it extra protected.

So anyway check out their program called Adaware. And I hope you have enjoyed this Adaware Review and tune in shortly for our Guide on how to use this program.